Tuesday, February 28, 2012

See, it's not just me!

I present to you an email I received this morning from my friend who is a fancy lawyer on the east coast:

"Wish you had been with me on my morning commute today. There were a couple of noteworthy Glamour Fashion Don'ts.  Remember when we took that paper marbling class?  A woman was wearing a trench coat with a marbling pattern in blue, purple, fuchsia, and black swirls and spots and twirls.  Marbling is great on paper but not so much on a trench coat.  The other fashion don't was a woman wearing black diamond patterned tights with slingbacks, which is just the start of the don't.  She was wearing a black skirt so short that the skirt didn't cover where the pattern started at the top of her legs. Then to top it all off she had on a pink North Face rain jacket."

(Sidebar, do you youngsters even know what the phrase "Glamour Don't" means?  Please let me know one way or the other, you know, so I can figure out my blog demographics.  Or just so I can say, "you kids get off my lawn!"  Either way, I'm cool with it.)

What I find amusing is that this message was most likely typed while my friend was sitting 3 feet away from these fashion challenged folks.  Gotta love public transportation!

Also, yes, I did once force my fancy lawyer friend to take a paper marbling class.  It was interesting and despite leaving with all of the directions and a few key supplies, I have never, and will never, attempt to do it in my own home. 

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