Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good news/bad news

Bad news: Unfortunately, the vomiting began on Thursday.
Good news: It happened while MD was still at home with P so he got to clean it up!

Bad news: We had a couple of really bad freezes last week which destroyed a bunch of fruits and vegetables at our CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) program, and at other places where we get fresh fruits and veggies.
Good news: The apple orchard needed people to come and get the fruit off the trees (it's fine to eat, but won't last in long term storage) so they let us pick it for free!

Good news: G is quite a good little apple picker.
Bad news: I had almost 50 pounds of apples to deal with TODAY!

Good news: We roasted potatoes and garlic for dinner tonight (they were so, so good!) and figured, since we were roasting the garlic, why not roast all 15 heads we had from the CSA.
Second good news: we now have 93 (oh yes, you know I counted each and every one) roasted cloves of garlic freezing which will be so yummy and handy to use later this fall.
Bad news: I'm not sure my hands will ever smell normal again.

Good news: I got to sleep in today! The four of us went for a walk around campus yesterday, collecting leaves for G's class--it was tender to see P helping G collect them. I got new clothes yesterday! I watched The Proposal with two friends yesterday--fun movie and it was wonderful chatting with them!
Bad news: can't really think of anything for the moment! (Superstitiously knocking on wood right now.)

How are you guys? Is your world seen as good news/bad news? Is the glass half empty or half full? Taking it day by day? Or saying "Bring it!!"? Hope everyone is great!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Well, well, well, posting two days in a row--don't worry I won't let it go to my head! Here's what's happening at our place:

Tonight I picked P up for flag football and noticed he was looking a little tired. We got to the van and I offered him a snack, which he refused. Hello spidey-senses, commence tingling now! On the way to practice I said, you seem a little tired, are you feeling OK? A sad "no" was the answer. In classic mom fashion, I pulled out the big guns, the sure-fire way to know if this is a ploy for sympathy or the real thing, "Well, maybe you shouldn't go to football tonight...should I take you home so you can rest instead?" His reply, "I am pretty tired, could you take me home?" Gulp. Totally not the answer I was expecting! This is not a test, I repeat, this is not a test!

So we went home where he fell asleep and all of the errands I had planned to take care of while he was at practice will just wait another day. Three hours later, and he's upstairs still resting quietly. If he starts throwing up, I'm really going to regret the tomato soup I gave him for dinner.

G got a piggy bank over the weekend. It's ceramic, and a lovely shade of blue. Not as lovely as the purple one she picked out first. The last purple one in the store. Did I mention it's ceramic? And the floors of the store are really, really hard? Can you all see where this is going? Oh yes, as she was carefully putting it into the bag it slipped. And crashed. For a brief moment everything in the store went silent. Then the crying began. Finally (and yes I just edited about 10 minutes of crying from this story--hey, it's my story write your own if you want the full details) she pulled herself together and picked a new one. She named it Martha Stewart, despite my suggestion of "Money Penny." Tonight she asked me the following question: "Mom, why is it that I only have coins and no cash?" I suggested she talk with her dad about that, because he seems to have the same complaint.

Finally, I had to tell G that she is not allowed to kiss anyone at school. Boy or girl. Her reply to the new rule, "but I LOVE him sooooo much!!" Pay no attention to the fact that she's 5. Oh my praying friends, say one for me--I'm going to need it!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Obsess much?

OMG peeps--it's been so long! Did you think I feel into a giant Twilight coma? A giant Twilight canyon? A giant Twilight black hole? Well, sort of. I have to be honest here--I've been reading these re-donkulous books too much of late. And quite frankly, it's been making me do a lot of thinking--no, not about Bella and Edward and Jacob. More so about my obsessive nature. Back in the day (I refer to it as my "former life") I had a job that I loved. It was not just a job, it was almost my entire identity. It was what I did during the day and talked about at night. There were times I actually felt embarrassed because they were paying me, rather than me paying them!

Then I got a new boss. And while I still loved my job it was maybe only for 2 hours a day--and I hated it the rest of the time. This boss slowly killed the joy I felt. I became super stressed. I became bitter. I pushed that bitterness onto everyone in my workplace. I was a boss of others, and I killed their joy. MD and I created an account at the bank called the “F@#K You Man” account so someday I could shout that and walk out. I would stare at meeting agendas and think to myself I could just write “I quit” on the top and be done with this. Do you have a full sense of my sad, angry, unpleasant self at the time?

But I wasn’t always like this. You see for a little while each day I was happy, because I was obsessed with a popular TV show. I would go home at lunch, watch the recording and feel like that gave me enough surrogate happiness to survive the next 5 hours at work. Then, after dinner I would watch two more episodes which allowed me to actually sleep rather than replay the day’s events over and over, and get more upset about them as the night ticked away. Oh I loved that show. I could quote 95% of the episodes, I cried over relationships that ended on the show, I’d get worried at certain spots (despite knowing how it was going to end). Simply put, I was crazy. I was obsessed. And that’s how I feel about these Twilight books right now. I feel like I’m reading them to escape something, but I can’t figure out what I need to be away from. I’m happy. I like my job. I love my kids. I love MD. I have fun friends, some who are (thankfully) close and others who may be far away but feel like they’re still close. I even love where I live. So what’s the problem? I just don’t know, but I find myself at the end of the day focusing inward, reading a book rather than reaching out or updating my blog thingy. So for now, I’m going to try to find a better balance. I’ll let you know how it goes!

P.S. There seem to be a lot of “I” statements in this post, sorry about that. Obsess much? Obsess much about myself? I think so!