Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I wonder...

I wonder if one of my New Year's resolutions to think about this blog more will happen.

I wonder if thinking and then actually writing on my blog will occur.

I wonder if our computer is fixed. (You see, this time I have had an actual, legitimate excuse for not writing!)

I wonder if you knew that 6 years and one day ago (see above for the reason I didn't write this yesterday) I was in labor. It was not an enjoyable experience. As I thought back about it yesterday, I remembered the sweating, the crying, the machine pumping out the epidural medication breaking. Twice. I also remembered the large number of things hooked and taped to various parts of my body.

Side note, oh medical tape--I wonder why hasn't someone invented medical tape that works like a post- it. Stays on when you need it, comes of nicely when you don't, rather than ripping all of your hair off your body. I came for a baby, not a wax!

Anyway, I also wonder if my hands shoving as hard as they could on my stomach in a desperate attempt to push G out from the outside as well as the inside actually helped. Or, was I just trying to force her to follow my timeline? Making her do something this instant when if I had given her another moment or two she would have done it on her own? You all know where this is going. I have a stuborn child. She was (and is) worth every second of pain. I'm finding, however, that if I am calm, she is calm. When I push, she pushes back. So this year my other New Year's Resolution is to chose patience. Patience instead of hustling. Patience instead of yelling. Patience instead of talking through clenched teeth. Patience. I wonder if it will work.

Friday, December 4, 2009

What's in there??

So. Many things happened over Thanksgiving, some that were lots of fun, some that do not belong out here in the internets, some that make me sad so I cover them up with sarcasm and some pretty random. But I feel I must tell you about a little adventure we had just before Thanksgiving. Since we were hosting and housing several folks we wanted to make sure the house was tidy-rific for all our guests. Now I love my house and I want it to always be tidy. However, the sloth in me usually wins when tidy and resting are competing for my attention. But it was time for turning over a new leaf (i.e. COMPANY IS COMING IT'S TIME TO PANIC!!). Our old vacuum had gone to farm where it could run and chase rabbits and be happy(not really, but you know what I mean) so I headed out to our local big box store for a new one. As I reviewed my options I decided I didn't want to deal with any more vacuum bags since we have what seems like hundreds of them floating around in our garage so I bought a bagless vacuum. With a clear cover on the little thing that collects everything your vacuum sucks up. Um. Hello. Did I mention sloth? Also, my little town is super dusty. Also, we live across the street from a field, made up primarily of garbanzo beans, wheat and dust. Clearly this was a mistake.

Now, I may be dating myself and some of my fair readers here, but does anyone remember Biore strips?? They were those little band aid sized strips you would moisten, put on your nose and then peel off once they dried. The purpose of the Biore strip was to clear your pores and remove blackheads, but really, who are we kidding? The biggest part of the Biore strip adventure was doing it with friends and then grossing each other out by looking at everyone's nasty, blackheady results. Let's just say my bagless vacuum experience was like a giant Biore strip. Ack! Oh the humanity! I actually sat on that carpet! My children on occasion slept on that carpet! And wow-there was a lot to see in that clear section! I had to clean the suction part three times! It was too much! Yet oddly satisfying. In a creepy sense. I know. I need help. I'm also just ever-so-slightly tempted to wait (and wait and wait) before vacuuming again so I can have the same satisfying experience. At least that's the excuse my sloth side is going with at the moment.